Hello everyone. I haven't started the fanbook yet. I want to do a project to encourage Anna, maybe she want to do an Europe tour after this :D

I have very few letters, so I think write the instructions in english, perhaps more people participate.

You can send your letter until 15th July. The cover has already been chosen, so you can only send letters (or fanarts, anything you want devote to Anna ^^)

Here are the rules:

Tittle: ANNA TSUCHIYA FANBOOK: Memories from fans

Your letter can't be longer than one sheet. If you write it in WORD format, better. You can write in japanese or english. Send me the letter at annanolotus@gmail.com, and you must tell me the name and the city you want I put in the fanbook.

Well, if you have any questions asked me at annanolotus@gmail.com. Sorry for my english, I hope you understand everything.

Please, participate!!

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